Safe Computing

The best protection is better software.

Some security experts have begun to view anti-virus software and user-facing firewalls as toys to make people feel better.

What can you do about this shocking shift in the security field? Regardless of the experts' opinion on security software, all concur that the best protection is good practice. That means that you must learn to use safe software and avoid scams (See also: Scammer Payback). Don't fall for freeware (that isn't free as in freedom) and fake download buttons which can sometimes install spyware. Using public-licensed software from official sources is one of the best ways to choose safe software unless you buy it. Hierosoft LCC intends to provide ways to install such free software easily, and to become a source of free and paid software where you pay once, not forever with your privacy.

Tabletop RPGs

Hierosoft LCC was formed to provide both software and books. That includes games! We designed the Zah Yest tabletop setting which is detailed in the first book.


Our free 3D design, multimedia, and software development eBooks have been heavily tested and refined in a school setting. You can use free software (free as in freedom) to create multimedia on Windows, macOS (using Homebrew for efficient use of shared software), or GNU/Linux systems (using linux-preinstall to make setup easier in some cases).

3D Printing

Poikilos provides a large list of free models, including miniatures, other art, parts for misc. devices and vehicles, and upgrades that apply to certain 3D printers. Also available are calibration tools such as LinearAdvanceTowerGenerator, RetractionTowerProcessor, and TemperatureTowerProcessor.

Software for Mobile

Using and Contributing to Open Frameworks

Kivy is a public-licensed software framework. You can compile Python code (which is usually interpreted) using Kivy to binaries for Android and iOS. We contribute some updates to internal documentation and some external examples and tutorials for Kivy. See also:

Software for Artists

Graphics and Audio Processing

Jake "Poikilos" Gustafson has been working with graphics software for quite some time. His development blog can provide insight into advanced topics and some of his projects: A modernized fork of Audiere is available at Both Poikilos' pre-release and production-ready projects that may be utilized by future Hierosoft LLC releases are listed at

Promote safe mobile software

With many "free" apps, you pay forever: The ads and tracking drain your privacy, attention, and battery! Instead of paying forever, pay once. We aim to provide apps that are safe by using and contributing to free software. For examples see Poikilos' software on GitHub.